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Case IH tractor parts

On this page you will find our complete range of tractor parts. From filters, engine parts and lighting to wheels, cabin parts and couplings. Sort by type of part and tractor brand, the selection will appear on the screen. Click on a product of your choice for additional information. 

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Front Grill

BGN 203.55

Lights Switch

BGN 220.73

Head Gasket

BGN 312.21

Fuel Separator

BGN 82.00

Gas Strut Rear Window

BGN 34.86

U Joint

BGN 121.72

Starter Motor

BGN 759.74

Fuel Tank Cap

BGN 34.21

PTO Shaft

BGN 212.52

Slide Pipe Assembly LH

BGN 137.83


BGN 33.18

Levelling Box Assembly

BGN 629.99


BGN 43.09

Hydraulic Filter

BGN 336.97

Brake Piston

BGN 420.42

Gasket Rubber

BGN 84.20

Power Steering Ram Bush

BGN 20.26

Track Rod End LH / RH

BGN 82.67

Glass Windscreen Lower

BGN 163.30

Planetary Gear Repair Kit ZFAPL335

BGN 1,156.43

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